Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Flex printed circuit boards are the method of choice for making engineering work easier when complex geometries are involved.
Savings on space, weight and cost together with increased reliability of the electrical connections are just some of the benefits provided by flexible printed circuit boards.

Technical parameters

Number of layers: 1 - 2
Copper: One-sided or double-sided
Surface: Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold
Foil material: Polyimide
Polyimide thickness: 50 μm
Copper thickness: 18 µm
PCB thickness: 0.2 mm
Maximum size of the PCB, Length: 400 mm / Width: 250 mm
Minimum size of the PCB, Length: 10 mm / Width: 10 mm
Flex cover foil, Relief cut: 200 μm
Minimum conductor width / conductor distance: 125 μm
Vias Via diameter: 200 μm
Minimum distance Via-Via: 450 μm
Minimal milling radius: 100 μm
Minimum distance copper contour: 200 μm
Milling tolerance: +/- 100 μm
Silkscreen: both sides