The ultimate option: BRD-TO-3D

Upload your .brd file to our configurator. Your component designations are automatically assigned and placed with appropriate 3D models from our 3D library. You receive a finished STEP file at no charge. You can make additions and replace components in your MCAD system. If no MCAD system is available to you, we recommendFreeCAD in combination with a components provider such as 3D Content Central.

Other options

IDF (Intermediate Data Format): A data format that only contains coordinates and outlines of PCBs, drilled holes and components. Each individual 3D component must be read in by a third party tool or by MCAD software and placed at the intended position. IDF can be created with EagleIDFExporter.ulp.

A very elaborate solution, which reads data into Sketchup using the eagle_Export.ulp, as well as other programs and plug-ins. Sketchup cannot read-in STEP-files neither can it output them. 3D components must be manually created and assigned.