The circuit board identification via RFID.

What degree of read-write coverage do you desire?
Without antenna < 5 mm.
Up to several metres with an antenna.

1) RFID-chips with antenna connection

A ground plane on your circuit board serves as an antenna.
Please download the connection design and integrate it into your layout.

Example video: RFID videos

The yellow-marked surface A (2.3 mm x 10 mm) defines the position of the RFID-Chip.
In this area no vias, holes or openings may be located.

The same applies to round circuit boards. The smallest diameter for round circuit boards is 50 mm.

Additional information on chips and the capacitive and electrical integration can be found here:
2) RFID-chip without antenna connection

The minimum distance from the side board edge is at least 6 mm.

No vias or holes may be placed in an area of 2.3 mm x 10 mm.

No copper should be located above and below this area since they reduce the range of the RFID chips.

Round circuit boards

The smallest diameter for round circuit boards is 50 mm.
Here also, an area of 2.3 mm x 10 mm above and below the chip position should be kept free of copper, vias and holes.
You can naturally also purchase the suitable read-write system from our eSTORE.