Top industrial quality

Rely on 30 years of experience.
And since 1998 we have been producing all PCB-POOL® circuit boards in-house at our German manufacturing facilities.

Personal Service

Over 40,000 customers have put their trust in us – with a satisfaction rating of 98.6% according to a recent survey.

Our knowledgeable & friendly team can be reached by telephone or email.

Highest Reliability

PCB prototypes are currently produced from 8 hours.

What Our Customers Say

Nottingham Trent University
Very good service and high quality PCBs. The lead time is short and delivery is very fast. Highly recommended.
Alan Johnston
Invidico Ltd
Bang on this time!
SureWave Technology ltd
Excellent service. Will definitely use again.
John Elliott
Variohm-Eurosensor Ltd
Reliable helpful service, used them many times, I like the photo service during production.
University of Santiago de Compostela
I could not be happier with the service. They even found a problem on the routing by detecting a tiny cut in a line that could perfectly cost me a month of problems testing a chip.
Richard Taylor
University of Edinburgh
Good service - I didn't do this layout so appreciate custom services querying and checking some points.


Online Calculation


By Drag & Drop or by inputting the PCB details, you will receive instant pricing for PCB manufacture and assembly.


Base material
Standard FR4, aluminium, polyimide

Number of layers
Surface of the PCBs
chem. Ni/Au, Hal (lead free)

Other Specifications



Request a quotation


PCBs using special technologies and materials can also be sourced directly from us, from prototype to series production quantities. We will be happy to provide you with a price quotation.


Base material
Various base materials such as standard FR4, halogen-free, high Tg, aluminium, copper, ceramics, polyimide, Teflon, etc.
Number of layers
Surface of the PCBs
chem. Ni/Au, chem. Ni/Pd/Au, chem. Ag, chem. Sn, galv. Ni/Au (hard gold), HAL (lead-free), HAL (containing lead) and OSP
Other Specifications