In our PCB layout service you can order a layout in connection with at least one assembled PCB.
Order online via drag & drop at an instant price or individually by requesting a quote.

Instant pricing

Online price calculation

Inexpensive and quick creation of your layout in 22 or 28 working days.

The price for layout, PCB, components and all services is displayed as a package immediately after the BOM has been created. We charge a fixed price for creating the layout.

You only need a schematic file and a mechanical drawing to upload the files.

Data format:

EAGLE, ALTIUM Designer and TARGET 3001! are available to you.

Required data:

  • Schematic file
    • .sch with EAGLE,
    • .schdoc with ALTIUM und
    • .t3001 or . t3000 with TARGET 3001!
  • Mechanical drawing
  • BOM, created only by MAGIC-BOM®

Max. number of PCBs: up to 50 pieces

Number of Pads in the design: 
A maximum of 1100 pads are possible. The average number of pins per component cannot be greater than 20.

Number of components:
1.100 components are possible, 300 different components can be used.
For flex circuit boards, the limit is 300 components.
The average number of pins per component must not be greater than 20. 

PCB Type

Base material:
FR4, Alu

Material thicknesses:
1,0 mm: only Chem. Nickel/Gold (ENIG) , 1,6 mm

Copper thickness:
35 µm

Layer count:
1,2, 4 and 6 ( only available in 1,6 mm thickness)

Surface finish:
Chem. Nickel/Gold (ENIG), HAL

Min. dimensions of the PCB and the layout: 2 mm x  2 mm
Max. dimensions of the PCB and the layout: 430 x 380 mm.

Lead time:
The possible lead time is 22 or 28 working days for rigid PCBs and aluminum PCBs. 

For the optimal processing of your project, we provide you with a field "Remarks", in which you can enter everything that is important for the best possible processing of the project.

Further, detailed specifications of the PCB-POOL® can be found at:

After creating the BOM with our “MAGIC-BOM®” tool, you will immediately receive your price for your PCB layout with assembled PCB. 


Custom quote

Request custom quote

Faster delivery times and a larger selection of data formats

The restrictions regarding size, number of layers, etc. as with the instant price are no longer applicable. You also need a BOM for the upload.

You will receive the individual price via an offer. 

Data format:
We would be happy to make you an individual offer for your PCB layout. The data formats Altium (PROTEL), Autodesk® Fusion 360™, DesignSpark PCB, DipTrace, EAGLE, EASY-PC, fritzing, GC-Prevue, Gerber X2, EXT. GERBER, KiCAD, ODB++, OrCAD, PCAD, PROTEUS, PULSONIX, Sprint Layout, TARGET 3001!and UltiBOARD are available.

Required data:

  • Schematic file: .sch with EAGLE,  .schdoc with  ALTIUM, .t3001 and t3000 with TARGET 3001! and schematic files for further data formats
  • BOM (Bill of Materials), as Excel Sheet (.xlsx, .xls)
  • Mechanical drawing, as dxf, pdf, jpg or png
  • Additional documents: Here you can upload all additional documents that are important for creating your layout and that make our queries superfluous. 

individual request possible 

Number of pads in the design:
individual request possible 

Number of components:
individual request possible 

PCB Type

Rigid, Flex-Rigid, Flex

Base material:
FR2, FR4, FR4 halogenfree, FR4 High Tg, FR5, Aluminium core, Ceramic, Polyimid, Teflon, individual request possible 

Material thickness:
0,2 mm bis 3,2 mm, individual request possible 

Cooper thickness:
9 µm - 210 µm, individual request possible 

Layer count:
up to 24 layers

Surface finish:
Chem. Tin, Lead-free HAL, Leaded HAL, ENIG (Chem. Nickel-Gold), Chem. Ni/Pd/Au, Hard gold, Gold finish for edge connectors, Chem. silver, OSP

individual request possible 

Lead time:
Please enter your desired delivery time in the appropriate field.

We ask about other important parameters in the fields Application, Design Constraint, Layout Software Preference and Explanation.

If you want to give us important information, prefer a different layout software or have special requests, you can use the Remarks field.

We will make you an offer as soon as possible. The offer includes the layout and at least one assembled PCB. 

Questions about the layout service?

No problem - we will help you!

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