From now on you can order assembled circuit boards directly via our configurator in the PCB-POOL® without having to wait for a custom quote. Upload the file, create the component list using MAGIC-BOM® and send the order. Finished!

Quick and easy PCB assembly
with drag & drop and MAGIC-BOM®

Trust our 10 years experience in PCB assembly

> 350.000
assembled PCBs
> 16 Mil
> 4000
satisfied assembly customers

We have reduced the price 

5-10 dm2 reduced by 20% 
10-20 dm2 reduced by 30%

and at the same time expanded the area

Double area available

We have doubled the area of ​​the printed circuit boards that you can order directly online. It is now possible to order flex circuit boards with up to 20 dm2 online with an instant price displayed.

Free superset

Overdelivery of flex PCBs are now supplied free of charge. By pooling orders, more circuits boards are often produced than ordered. We will supply the extra PCBs free of charge so that you can carry out additional testing without having to worry about an insufficient quantity.

now also for Flex

Simply drag the file of your flex circuit board onto the drag & drop field in our configurator and you will automatically receive all important parameters pre-filled in the configurator. Select "Assembly". This tool works in EAGLE, Altium and TARGET 3001!

Of course, you can send us your data in numerous other data formats for a price request.

More connector reinforcement thicknesses

Plug reinforcements are now available in thickness of 0.1 mm to 0.6 mm. You can now use 0.2-0.3 mm for your ZIF Connector, for example.

No wish goes unfulfilled...

We would be happy to make you an offer for your flexible circuit boards with other requirements.

We will help you!

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