KTS-EVALB1356-002 – use the evaluation board to quickly familiarise yourself with the KTS RFID module! You can then independently integrate an RFID application into your circuit quickly and inexpensively!

Naturally we offer an evaluation board for the RFID module as well. This is an ideal method for when you want to gain some initial experience with the RFID functions, during your development procedure. The board allows the simple mechanical insertion of the module, and supplies it with electrical power. Moreover it can easily be connected to any current PC / laptop via an USB interface, and has a 50 Ohm SMA connector for the antenna. The board can be addressed via a terminal program (included in every standard operating system software), which also provides a visual display of the transponder information that has been read in. All KTS devices are supplied with tag2IMAGE, a software for assisting in visualisation and development.
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