ISO Core “Clear” solder wire Sn96.5 Ag3.0 Cu05 from Felder

Solder wire diameter: 1 mm
Package size: 100 g coil

The “Clear“ flux formula is based on synthetic resins (free of colophonium), and it has been perfectly matched with the new requirements concerning lead-free soldering technologies:
• High wetting rate and spread on all common surfaces used in electronics
• No (painful) flux splashed on the component, system parts or the user’s hands
• Transparent flux residues to optimize the optical impression
• Very low gas emission levels and neutral odour to reduce workplace pollution
• 100 MΩ test passed - can also be used in assembly production
• The soldering tip service life is considerably lengthened
Lead-free soft solder wire filled with flux
Flux residues in compliance with DIN EN 61190-1-3 • REL1
High-qualification solder wire for manual and robot soldering in electrical engineering, electromechanics and electronics.
Standard flux content 3.5%
Thermally stable - non-splash - optimum wetting - transparent residues


Also available in 1 kg packages

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