UHF RFID Reader/Writer for the pants pocket!
Communication with your PC, PDA, or notebook is implemented via Bluetooth or USB.

Simple single-knob control with an acoustical feedback and a 2-LED status indicator for the easiest operation.

New Feature BlueBerry: Keyboard Emulation in ASCII with prefix and suffix characters

Frequency range: 860-960 MHz
Transmitting power: 50 mW
Standard: EPC Class1 Gen2
Range: 2-20 cm, depending on the tag
Antenna: integrated
Interface: Micro USB type B and Bluetooth
Power supply: Li-ion battery for approximately 1,000 read cycles, charging via Micro USB
Size: 68 mm x 42 mm x 18 mm
Weight: 30 g
Protection class: IP54
Approvals: FCC and CE

Software for WIN XP/Vista/7

Youtube Video

A useful addition to this reader is the Basic-Kit with various tags and RFID chips.
Item number: RK-10392
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