3D Ball Bearing Polyamide PA 2200 White

The whitish powder PA 2200 based on polyamide 12 with its very balanced profile properties has a wide range of application possibilities.

Laser-sintered components made out of PA 2200 have excellent material properties:

  • High strength and rigidity
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High long-term stability
  • Good selectivity resolution and true to detail
  • A variety of post-processing options (e.g. metallisation, enamel finishing, vibratory finishing, dip dyeing, gluing, powder coating)
  • Biocompatible according to EN ISO 10993-1 and USP/level VI/121 °C
  • Certified for food contact in accordance with the EU plastic directive 2002/72/EC (exception: high alcoholic beverages)

Typical applications of the material are the highest quality fully functional components. Due to the excellent mechanical properties of the material, it is often used as a substitute material for standard injection moulding materials. Furthermore, the biocompatibility of the material allow for usage in prosthetics, and also the high wear resistance allows the realisation of movable component connections.

Data sheet PA 2200